English Conversation Class

Key Info

  • Location:London, Reading



    Minimum Age:18

    Price:£ 50 p/week

    Group Size:8 (maximum of 16)

    Number Of Lessons:5 (each lesson is 50 min)

    Class Times:12.00-13.50

English Conversation Class

This course is ideal for students who are already in the UK and who would like to practise their English conversation in a friendly and relaxed environment to become more confident English speakers.

Our conversation class is also great for those who don’t have many opportunities outside the classroom to speak English. During the course you will be able to use the English you’ve learnt in a General English class or through home study. This will be done in a fun, informal way.

The course is suitable for students of all levels who are 18 years and over. You can start this course on any Monday throughout the year and you will have 5 lessons p/week.

The class can be combined with General English and/or IELTS courses.


On this course you will:

  • Gain confidence to interact with English speakers
  • Improve speaking fluency and pronunciation
  • Practise speaking skills in realistic conversations and with authentic materials
  • Practise speaking skills through engaging and communicative activities such role plays, discussions and debates
  • Focus on strategies for conversation in English
  • Build your communication skills for everyday situations
  • Extend your vocabulary across a range of topics
  • Make English speaking friends


Morning Lessons

09:00 - 11:50

Conversation Class

12:00 – 12:50

Afternoon Lessons

13:00 –15:50

Conversation class can be combined with either morning or afternoon General English or IELTS courses.

Number of Weeks Hourly Rate Weekly Course Fee
1 Week £10 per hour £50
2 Weeks £9.50 per hour £76
4 Weeks or more £8.50 per hour £136

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