Your score and English level

0 – 20% = From the answers you have given, you are between Beginner and Elementary level.  You are just starting to understand and speak English. You have an exciting journey ahead!

21 – 40% = From the answers you have given, you are at Lower Intermediate level.  You can understand some basic grammar and can communicate a little in English.  Don’t forget, you can ask people to speak more slowly.

41 – 60% = From the answers you have given, you are at Intermediate level.  You can communicate quite well in lots of different situations.  You know plenty of English words and understand a considerable amount of grammar.  There is still a way to go…Keep practising!

61 – 80% = From the answers you have given, you are at Upper Intermediate level.  Well done!  You can communicate in many different contexts and adapt your English for formal and informal situations.  You might want to think about preparing for an exam such as FCE or IELTS.

80% – 100% = From the answers you have given, you are at Advanced to Proficiency Level.  You are a confident and fluent English speaker who can discuss many different topics.  Most of your learning now will be fine-tuning and widening your vocabulary.  You should be able to achieve a high score in an IELTS test.  Ever thought of becoming a teacher?


Test your English level now!

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