Ten practical steps to improve your English

  • 12 Sep 2019
  • https://languagevision.com
  • Admin

1. Do regular breathing exercises. These will help you to produce some great variation in the strength, tone and pitch of your voice.

2. Watch programmes on television such as EastEnders and other popular ‘soap operas’. This is an excellent way to pick up authentic language, different dialects and accents!

3. You’ve heard of ‘singing in the shower’! As well as singing your favourite English song, try speaking English in the shower as well.

4. Be bold!. The more you try to communicate the more you will succeed.

5. Do not be afraid to answer a call from someone in English. Don’t be shy!

6. Do not be afraid to ask someone speaking in English to repeat what they have said or explain what they mean. You will generally find they are only too pleased to help.

7. A tip: When you enter a shop, go to the cashier rather than the self-check-out. This will give you a great opportunity to engage in a dialogue!

8. Listen to good quality radio such as the BBC radio 4 Today programme (6am-9am) and available on podcast. The BBC Parliament channel is also useful for language learners.

9. Also get into the habit of reading one or more good quality newspapers each day such as The Times or The Guardian.

10. Read aloud. Listening to your voice and repeating new words is a great way to learn. You can use www.dictionary.com to help you to pronounce difficult words.