Language vision aims and values

Education – Language vision aims to be a leading provider of courses in English as a foreign language. Our objective is to bring innovative, student centred approaches to programme design and delivery where all learning styles are provided for.  We want to ensure that our students are given engaging opportunities to practice new language skills, to progress through levels of achievement and where required to be helped towards sitting external exams with success.  We want to teach our students with their objectives in mind.

Students – Our language school community attracts students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are dedicated to our students and to their pursuit of English proficiency.  We have an equal opportunities policy and respect all persons without prejudice or discrimination, are tolerant of the opinions of others, and strive to promote fairness and international understanding.  We want our school environment to be inclusive, fun, engaging, accessible, friendly, and professional.

Accountability – At Language Vision we cherish the values of academic freedom and individual rights and recognise the importance of personal and professional integrity, transparency, and accountability for our actions.

A Greener World – The School strives to meet its environmental obligations and work for a sustainable future by reducing its carbon footprint through the improvement of energy efficiency, the provision of green travel options for students and staff, and engagement in carbon – saving projects.

British Values – We are keen to promote British Values through curriculum and personal behaviour and interactions with our students. British Values are defined as “Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faith and beliefs.”