This Business English course covers the four core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, with a strong focus on communication in the business world. The course motivates students through interesting topic areas such as leadership, management, internal communications, chairing meetings etc.

Classes take place in a supportive and friendly environment. Lessons are planned around your needs so, we don’t follow a course book but instead use a wide range of teaching resources, and we provide you with all lesson materials.

Depending on student needs, the course can also include exam preparation skills for the BEC (Business English Certificate) exams. The approximate cost of the test is £200.

On this course you will:

  • Study business vocabulary and useful phrases to help you deliver presentations, write business emails and effectively negotiate in business meetings
  • Practise business specific language through role plays, case studies, projects and other authentic and goal-oriented tasks
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively in business meetings and over the phone
  • Develop confidence to deal with people in a variety of business settings and situations
  • Develop communication strategies through a variety of interesting topics and discussions